Dear animal friends!
Dear healthy food lovers!

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We are asking you to take a few minutes of your precious time, carefully read the e-mail, and please respond to it with
your comments, suggestions or with financial support and donations if possible. Ambient Park is a company engaged in the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products - primarily products from goat milk and meat.

Ambient Park is an educational and gustation center of natural healthy products and supporter of healthy life style. As such, our foundation is a result of the first pilot project of this kind in the region and beyond.

Our slogan "Say YES to healthy food" speaks about our mission, goals and daily activities.

On our farm, we have a certified and licensed dairy-cheese-making production line (approval ID  HR2863EU), where we process goat milk and produce over twenty different products including various cheeses, curd (cottage cheese), yogurt, kefir, whey and other bio products. Our trade mark Gabriel has been recognized and awarded for its distinctive quality for more than hundred times.

The park covers over 80 000 square meters and all animals are freely moving and living in this natural habitat including 50 deer’s, 50 wild Vietnam boars, 15 donkeys. There is also a farm for 100 goats. Among these beautiful animals we also have ponies, rabbits, quails, guinea fowls, peacocks and hens.

Our goal is achieve readiness for the spring of 2015 by enabling visitors to attend tours in our farms including school children, students, companies, team-buildings and other tourists. We would provide educational programs for our visitors regarding our projects, ecological approach in breeding and keeping of farm animals and ecological production of organic and healthy food.

Visitors could taste and buy all of our products directly on the farm, which would provide an economical and financial sustainability of the project.

My wife and I lived and worked for 25 years in Switzerland, where we learned the value of the land, agriculture and how to be devoted to our vision. So, we returned to Croatia in 2012 to raise our children and to transfer our knowledge and experience to other children, citizens, visitors in Croatia. We would like to raise the awareness how important is a healthy diet in daily life.

In Croatia we became the victims of political neglect being mistreated by the banks which have no proper understanding and knowledge about the importance of projects such as ours. This year we were also hit by a natural disaster with heavy rains and consequential floods. We were unable to provide any supplies of grains, hay and straw for our animals, so we have to prepare for the winter with anxiety and uncertainty in our hearts.

Our daily needs exceed 150 EURS (1.000 HRK) in order to provide necessary food for our 400 animals that live on our farm. What should we do? We are kindly asking for your advice and help. We can't and won't sell our animals because surrounding economies are exhausted by current natural disasters and have no interests for that. We won't give them to the slaughterhouses because it took us ten years of hard labor to tame the deer and wild boars alone.

These are our loving pets that have their names, and we feed the out of our hands and they are struggling with us difficult through these times of crisis.

The hope is our last resort and we do believe in goodness of people so we reach out to you and we are asking you for an advice, help and financial support.

If you are unable to financially support us, please forward this mail to all your friends and addresses that might be resourceful and helpful for us.

Please send us your ideas and suggestions, and please visit us to convince yourselves regarding our efforts, humanity and creativity of our project.

Thank you for your attention, we are looking forward to your support and help, and we appreciate the time that you have reserved for us.
Thank you.

Contact us: 

Aleksandar Grgic:       ++385 91 5709333
Suzana Grgic:             ++385 91 4709333

Ambient Park d.o.o.
Dominićev odvojak 6
10360 Zagreb

Donation account:

Zagrebacka banka dd
IBAN: HR8123600001500343405

This donation account is opened under the law of Obligations and regulations on donations (Narodne novine number 35/2005, article 479) and the account is used only for the purposes of Ambient park animals well-being.

O nama

Ambient Park je jedinstveni edukacijsko-degustacijski centar i kompleks smješten u šumi nadomak Zagreba u Budencu, koji se prostire na 80.000 kvadratnih metara i udomljuje preko 400 životinja. Vodeći smo u proizvodnji vrhunskih proizvoda od kozjeg mlijeka uključujući nagrađivane sireve, napitke i niz eko proizvoda koje uspješno distribuiramo. Nudimo neponovljivu ugostiteljsku ponudu od domaćih proizvoda, seoski eko turizam i pokrećemo brojne projekte kroz koje širimo područje djelovanja i ponudu.


Hier können Sie eine Broschüre über uns auf Deutsch downloaden (PDF).


Mobitel: ++385 91 5709333
Mobitel: ++385 91 4709333
Proizvodanj tel/fax: ++385 1 2046622
Knjigovodstvo Sina-Trade: ++385 1 2046986


Registrirane djelatnosti:
poljoprivreda, trgovina, usluge i rekreacija
OIB: 11629135546
Mljekara i sirana
Odobreni objekt HR-2863-EU


Ambient Park d.o.o.
Dominićev odvojak 6, Budenec
10360 Sesvete

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